Diary of a Madman


To be frank quite recently I’ve started
hearing and seeing things that I’d never heard or seen before.


Trailer by Loris Pignoletti



Playwright Nikolai Gogol
Directed by Mathilde Schennen
Assisted by Rafael Svarin

With Miro Caltagirone

Original Music created and performed by Luca Ramella, Igor Stepniewski, and M.

Costumes Ghislaine Sabiti
Technical Director Marco Maldonado

photos & videos Stage In Focus –Marie N. Guex

Amazing Articulation, Brooklyn, Sept. 2012
UNDER St Marks, Manhattan, Oct. 2012
La Voirie, Biel-Bienne, Jan. 2013
Helsinki club, Zürich, Jan. 2013
Festival Fringe of Edinburgh, August 2013
The Headwaters, Portland, Sept. 2013
La Perla, Zürich, Jan. 2014
Pokolenyi Theatre, St.Petersburg, February 2015


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