Three Translations of Uncle Vanya at the Same Time (Act 1 + 2)

Created by New Saloon
Playwright Anton Chekhov
Translation Annie Baker, Paul Schmidt, and Laurence Senelick

Directed by Morgan Green
Dramaturgy by Elliot Quick
Staged managed by Jenny Gorelick

With David Arveiller, Leonie Bell, Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Milo Cramer, Jonathan Gordon, Susan Karpman, Matthew Korahais, Alex Mickiewicz, Hannah Mitchell, Caitlin Morris, Anna Reichert, Mathilde Schennen, Djaka Souare, Peter Mills Weiss, and Madeline Wise

Original Music Deepali Gupta

Set Kristen Robinson
Lights Masha Tsimring
Costume Chloe Paisley
Sound M. Florian Staab

Produced by New Saloon and Eric Shethar

Photos Maria Baranova

The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, April 2O15

Sonya explodes, “I am so pitiful and unattractive!” and Sonya agrees, “how terrible it is to be plain,” while Sonya, alone, quietly wonders, “why aren’t I beautiful?” All three reach for the same vodka.

New Saloon orchestrates three translations of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya into a triple decker landscape spanning a sleepless night in a restless country household. Fifteen performers confront age, failure, work, and love, and multiple versions of every thought mutate and reverberate.
Sweeping in scope and microscopic in focus, this prismatic new rendition cross-examines one of history’s most enduring dramas.

Produced in association with Immediate Medium.
This project is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council for the Arts.